Can I still wash, blow dry, and curl my hair while the strands are in?
YES! You can even dye your hair. Your hair routine does not have to change while you Sparkle and shine. Blow dry, curling iron, flat iron (recommended 380 degrees max) can all be used with the strands.

Is it called Hair Tinsel or Glitter Hair or Fairy Hair Strands?
Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair is known as many different things and they are all correct. Glitter hair, Fairy Hair, or Silk Fairy Hair. Whatever you call it: it all means the same thing – FABULOUS SPARKLING HAIR!

Where do I get my Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair?
The Tinsel Divas come to you, or you can go to them. They are located in Berryville and can hold the appointment indoors or out. At your location or theirs. Contact them to make your Sparkle appointment today.

What safety precautions or health protocols are followed?
Your safety is our top priority and number one concern. We clean and disinfect all implements and surfaces between clients. We are fully COVID vaccinated and receive boosters when available. If you are not feeling well, we kindly ask that you reschedule.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes! We are registered and licensed to do business in all jurisdictions in which we Sparkle. Commercial general liability and barber and beauty professional liability insurance is through Erie Insurance Group and a certificate of insurance is available upon request. We are registered with the IRS as an LLC and with the Commonwealth of Virginia and State of West Virginia to collect and remit Sales and Use Tax.

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