Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair

Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair

Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair is a simple way to embellish your hair without damage. It is an extremely thin piece of silky polyester synthetic blend metallic or prismatic strand that is added individually onto a single strand of your hair for a subtle, magical effect. The strands come in every color of the rainbow, including rainbow and pastel rainbow. They can be delicate in their effect, or they can be bold; it is your choice on how much Sparkle you want to project into your world.

The Application Process
Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair is applied to an individual strand of hair using a tying technique for a subtle effect of Sparkle that blends in with hair. The process requires no glue or chemicals. It is just you, your Tinsel Diva and her experienced hands tying the Sparkle strands onto strands of your hair. It is an easy, painless, and fun experience!

The Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair strands are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-plastic, these natural fibers break down once they have fulfilled their lifespan, so you can Sparkle guilt free!

The Lasting Effect
The Tinsel Divas Sparkle strands last until the individual strand of hair it tied to falls out naturally. Most often weeks in fine hair, and months in thicker hair. The Sparkle strands can last for months, or just one day. When you lose a hair, who can say? For longevity, a good strong combing is recommended before getting Sparkled, to pull out any loose strands ahead of time! There are no styling limitations meaning you can wash, blow-dry, straighten, cut, color, highlight, and style.

Tinsel Divas Sparkle Hair is for Everyone
People of all ages can wear and enjoy the Sparkle strands, all you need is at least 3 inches of hair, and a Sparkle and shine attitude!

For children under the age of 10, because their hair follicles turn over more frequently than adults, the strands might not last as long, however there are always exceptions. The Tinsel Divas have clients under the age of 10 who have rocked their Sparkle for several weeks. The requirements for clients under the age of 10 are they must be able to sit in the chair by themselves and they must be able to sit still during the application.

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